Five, four, three two, one ...

Far from being a simple countdown, here we are at the dawn of the fifth edition of an event that in essence was meant to be singular but also unique. Is it possible that such a meeting, which is centered on sample preparation, especially when it is a green, sensitive and exhaustive technique like SBSE, is a simple first attempt? Your loyalty on the one hand and on the other hand, your commitment to innovation through your presentations and exchanges, have allowed us to continue this Workshop every two years since 2011.

Of course, its shape has changed significantly over the past 8 years, but the substance remains constant: two thematic days where the SBSE remains the key word but has been able to add the potential of thermal desorption, pyrolysis and miniaturization. From 9 conferences in 2011, we are now going to 18 conferences with a round table reacting on a problem of substance but purely applicative. The fourth edition brought together 155 people and 15 countries; what will happen to this next opus that will still be supported by our original partners? Surely, an edition rich in surprises, new themes and innovations.

Innovation is a situation we choose because we have a burning passion for something but we must not forget that innovation is also an alliance between research, marketing, instinct, imagination, and industrial courage and somewhere, there is no innovation without disobedience. Each new technique must fight ideas received and only experimentation really allows meeting this challenge. Finally, innovation is also doing better with as much, if not doing better with less..

2019, it will also be the moment to celebrate the anniversary of this technique that appeared 20 years ago. So, can we still speak, should we still speak of innovation when a technique reaches a certain maturity? Without ambiguity, we can answer yes. At the analytic time scale a second generation of researcher applies this methodology in an astonishing way as you can discover with the anti-venom serum design, the Twister on the Rocks version 2, the characterization of aromas, or how climate change affects tea culture.

The first day will unveil new areas for the development of miniaturization and automation, such as the fully automated Hydrocarbon Index.

Let's meet again on September 23, from 10 am, for a whole day devoted to thermal desorption and the different techniques that can be associated with it. Celebrate all together from 19:30 this twentieth anniversary will start with a musical introduction followed by a cocktail dinner in the laboratory. September 24 will be entirely reserved for the SBSE Workshop with 12 conferences. The exchange and the enrichment will always be the keys of this Workshop which we hope to see you many.

See you all.

David Benanou


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